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Our safety, health and environmental policies reaffirm our commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, contractors and the general public while maintaining the quality of the environment in which we operate. We believe that all work accidents, diseases and environmental incidents are unacceptable and committed to eliminating hazards and safely managing those hazards that cannot be eliminated. We strive to comply with all federal, state, local, and industry laws and safety, health, and environmental regulations.

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We are obliged:

  • Recognize that no business operation is so important that it is consciously performed to the detriment of safety, health or the environment.
  • Allocate the resources needed to effectively manage health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Use management systems and standards to continually improve our work.
  • Informing employees about the company’s safety, health and environmental policy, as well as current laws and regulations
  • Ensure that each employee and Contractor acknowledges that they are responsible and accountable for their individual safety, health and environmental performance, as well as the staff responsible for
  • Design, operate, inspect and maintain our equipment and facilities to protect employees, contractors, the public and the environment from incidents related to our activities
  • Regularly check and verify the safety, health, and environmental performance of our business to ensure compliance with company policies and applicable laws and regulations
  • Include safety, health and environmental indicators in the management reporting system. Employee performance reviews include measurement of safety, health and environmental performance.
  • Require every employee and contractor to comply with this policy

Each plays a role in ensuring the safety of pipelines. To ensure the safety of you and those around you, always call your local call center before you plan to dig or dig.

This free call will notify owners of underground structures, including pipelines. The object is located at a planned excavation and designates any objects in the area of ​​the excavation. These marks will help you to prevent damage to objects in the work area. Being aware of your surroundings and the presence of pipelines will also help with ensuring your safety.

LLC RN-Komsomolsk Refinery is the largest producer of oil and gas in the Samara region of Russia and the second largest Rosneft production unit after Yuganskneftegaz

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