In 2010, 17 new licenses were obtained for the geological study, exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Samara region

Strengthening and expanding the resource base is one of the strategic objectives of LLC RN-Komsomolsk Refinery.  A reliable mineral resource base ensures the stability of production activities and the achievement of target hydrocarbon production volumes. The company performs a significant amount of geological exploration, expands its license portfolio, consistently replenishing oil and gas reserves.

Fields and license areas at which LLC «RN-Komsomolsk Refinerys» ” conducts exploration are located in three oil and gas provinces – West Siberian, East Siberian and  Timan-Pechora.

When conducting exploration work, the company pays considerable attention to the use of new technologies and equipment, support of work by research and development institutes, which allows increasing their efficiency.

LLC “RN-Komsomolsk Refinerys” carries out commercial exploitation of deposits located in Western Siberia and Eastern Siberia. In the field of oil and gas production, the company aims to ensure production volumes that help to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources. Through the use of modern technologies and a wide range of geological and technical measures, LLC “RN-Komsomolsk Refinerys” maintains production levels at mature fields, actively engages hard-to-recover facilities in the development, while actively developing promising fields, forming new oil production centers.

The company has maintained a stable level of oil production over the past years, focusing on increasing the oil recovery ratio, which is one of the highest in the country.