LLC RN-Komsomolsk Refinery, as well as all leading Russian enterprises, shares principles of social responsibility, which are adopted in most developed countries, and seeks to put them into practice in all spheres of its activity

The Company establishes its own social policy based on the harmonious combinations of their employees interests, regional population presence, society in general, as well as shareholders in strict compliance with legislation and regulations.

Seeking a dynamic development and production efficiency, the Company invests significant means in solving social problems, as well as takes part in implementing state and regional projects in national culture development sphere, education, healthcare and social support.

The Company´s aim in the regions of its presence is to maintain stability and strengthen socio-economic territory potential.

LLC RN-Komsomolsk Refinery seeks to preserve and create new workplaces by means of product development in every region of its activity, increases population living standards, provides financial support to social orientation regional programs.

The important factors of strengthening and developing of main company capital — a working group, and significant components of successful future company development are proper working and living conditions and employee health improvement, sport development, pensioners and veterans support.

The employee’s social guarantees and benefits provision is a characteristic of enterprise’s work stability. The level of social benefits, guarantees and compensations is stipulated in the collective agreement.

When the working group completes their assigned production tasks, employees are provided with more than thirty kinds of social benefits and guarantees.

The Company social policy is formed and realized on a systematic basis in accordance with the approved regulations.