As in the past, the company will continue to look for acquisitions in areas where it is currently active. At the same time, we will strive to be opportunistic and conduct purchases in new areas of activity that offer a unique likelihood of value creation and/or provide entry into an area of ​​significant future growth potential. Over the years, our ability to buy and exploit oil and gas assets is a big part of our continued success.

Experience gives us the ability to understand the current market and speed up the acquisition review process. Our veteran team of professionals has the opportunity to review and understand the geophysical, land, environmental, operational, and engineering aspects of the reservoir of the property package and the intention to create a fair, customized sales contract. Working with the desire to place potential sellers interested in our exploitation programs, we have the flexibility to work with those who are interested in selling all or part of their properties.


LLC RN-Komsomolsk Refinery is actively generating prospects for exploration at traditional sites. All internally generated projects are developed using advanced geophysical technologies in conjunction with geology, which refers to the level of good control. Our interest is primarily in projects with multi-well potential, which allow us to create sufficient value and a favorable risk-reward profile. We believe that it is always important to involve regional expertise in the development of our projects in areas where our experience is less extensive.